CNC Routing, Cutting, and Thermal Bending


With state-of-the-art machinery we can accomplish almost any project you can imagine. We have six CNC routers for sheets as large as 60” x 240”. We have two twin-table routers which allow us to manufacture parts without change-over time. This cuts your costs and produces parts at a very high rate. Precision cutting to tight tolerances is our specialty.

CNC Cutting

Our CNC saw gives us precision saw cutting capabilities for materials 12’ x 12’. For parts not requiring a finished edge, saw cutting is an inexpensive option that still affords extremely tight tolerances.

Thermal Bending

Heat bending has always been one of our specialties. Bending thick acrylic is an easy process with our top and bottom-lined heaters. We have two benders with the ability to bend up to 76” of most plastics and five other heat benders, along with a brake press and cold-forming capabilities.

Quality Meets Affordability in CNC Machining

You shouldn’t have to compromise quality for affordability. We are dedicated to offering the highest service at the lowest prices. Give us a call at 630-694-7300 to find out more about CNC Machining at Designed Plastics.


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